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Large, Lusty Lady

I was poking through the ladies lingerie, copping a silky feel here and there, when I heard the voices. "Pregnant?" said an icy, condescending female voice. "Nope. Just fat," said a warm, cheerful female voice. I peaked around the rack. "Icy" was a rail-thin, dressed-to-the-hilt model type who looked like the only thing she'd ever sucked was a pickle. "Warm" would have sent Rueben's into cardiac arrest. Mass of blonde curls, huge blue eyes, porcelain skin, and a full, lush, generous, FEMALE body. Oh, damn, large women turn me on. Soft. Warm. Fuckable. Icy said something snotty, and I stepped forward involuntarily. The gorgeous plump lady turned to me, and her smile widened. "Easy, Lochinvar," she said in a throaty chuckle.

I had a nice moment when Icy Bitch checked me out and made the assumption so natural to the model-types that my quite obvious hardon was for her. I had an even nicer moment when I said "take a hike, you rude, anorexic bitch. Find a sandwich." She called me a couple of choice names, turned on her heel and stalked off. I watched her go. The woman had no ass. She had absolutely no ass. When I looked back at my lush blonde, she had her face down and was pinching her nose, shaking with silent laughter. I admired the shaking for a bit, then she looked up at me. I caught my breath at the light in her eyes. "You're so beautiful," I whispered. "So damned beautiful." I saw what I always saw at that moment, the split second of disbelief that even the most healthy of large ladies have. Then...the flames bursting to life.

OK, so I got a little out of control right there in the dainties department. I yanked her into my arms and brought my mouth down on hers with a greedy, demanding kiss, my tongue thrusting into her, then drawing back as I sucked her tongue into my mouth. My hands started out buried in the thick mass of curls, then explored their way down her back to that incredible soft ass...kneading her cheeks in my hands, pulling her to me and humping the hell out of her soft heat as precum poured into my pants. The security guard tapped me gently on the shoulder and suggested I savor my banquet elsewhere.

Her apartment was closest. I dimly registered neatness, lots of books and music, and lots of color. I couldn't get her clothes off fast enough. She made a slight gurgling sound...broad daylight, curtains open, in the middle of the living room would not have been her first choice, but she stood still and let me unwrap her. I stood back and admired her, openly. So full. So incredibly full. So soft and warm. I lifted her right breast, covered it with kisses and then sucked the pale pink nipple into my mouth. I suckled her like a starved infant, my cock painfully hard. I sucked her other nipple until they were both hard rosy bullets. I put her fingers on them and encouraged her to pinch them. She looked stunned, aroused, intoxicated. She performed for me, pinching and pulling at those luscious heavy breasts as I watched.

I went to my knees and buried my face in her soft, round tummy. I licked and nibbled at the fullness, tracing each beautiful line on her body with my tongue. I plunged my tongue into her navel and tongue fucked it hard. Judging from her gasping, knees-buckling reaction, no one had ever done that to her before. I got her to the floor without injury. She attempted to speak, but couldn't quite accomplish it. I kissed her solidly, then moved between her legs, sliding my hands up and down her silky thighs as I parted them. I leaned forward and ran my lips through her curly hair, feeling the softness, inhaling the sweet, sweet scent, feeling the incredible heat. I bit her gently, enjoying every bit of her. I worked my way down to suck one fleshy pussy lip into my mouth, nibbling at it, sucking it, licking it. I glanced up at her. She seemed lost in a dream world, staring at the ceiling, eyes glittering. I took the other lip in my mouth, and feasted on it. I could feel her sweet cunt grow hotter, and her clit peeked out at me, hard and engorged. I flicked it with my tongue.

She twitched at the sensation, eyes wider. I toyed with her clit, passing my tongue over it, around it, then finally sucking it into my mouth. She came in seconds, back arching, trembling, fists pounded into the carpet. "One," I whispered to her clit. By the time I whispered "four," she was speaking in tongues and the fist pounded the top of my head. I rolled over, laughing, and stripped out of my clothes. I cuddled her close, hands stroking her gently. Eventually, she raised her face and looked at me, tentatively, appraisingly. I knew what she was thinking. "Yes," I said, kissing the tip of her nose. "I really, really do. I always have. Large women turn me on." I was going to say more, but she went face first at my cock, and started to suck.

Now, I'd like to pause at this moment and remark that I've had my cock sucked before. I really have. Many times, even. But nothing like this. Nothing even remotely like this. She was on some kind of automatic pilot, her mouth moved by sheer hunger and enthusiasm. She couldn't get my shaft in deep enough, plunging her mouth down on me until I felt the top of her throat. She made a startled sound that tingled me when that happened, then did it again, carefully experimentally. She could take me into her throat, and I watched her eyes go dark as she analyzed it. I would have said something about "deep throat" if I could have gotten one single muscle in my body to work. She drew her tight lips all the way up to the throbbing head, then lowered them again, my cock sliding over her tongue into her throat. One had locked around my shaft to follow her hot, sucking mouth up and down my shaft, the other tenderly caressed my balls.

I went completely insane. I'm a loud lover under ordinary circumstances, but this...was not ordinary. I screamed incoherently, back arching, clawing at the carpet. I settled down to a rapid fire "ohgodthisisgreat..moremoremore...ohdamn...ohshit...suckmesuckmesuckme...Iloveitloveitloveit...oh, yesyesyesyes...DAMN...ILOVEIT!!!!" She murmured her appreciation and pleasure and the vibrations traveled from her throat to my cock to my soul. A gentleman always announces his imminent ejaculation so the lady can best prepare for it...but I came like a hard thrust up...spurting and spurting and spurting...and I swear to God she sucked harder at that moment, trying to suck it out and swallow it faster than I could pump. Stars exploded before my eyes, and I died.

I was reborn sometime later, still on the floor, but with my head on a pillow and a warm quilt covering me. I could still smell her perfume, and much more. She was cooking something, humming happily to herself. I managed to get to my feet on the third attempt and wrapped the quilt around me. I walked unsteadily to the kitchen. "Kathy?" I said. She turned and smile at me, her beautiful face flushed from the heat from the stove. "Yes," she said mildly. "My name is Kathy." I grinned at her, then clutched at the wall. "Your name, I know," I said chuckling. "It's my own I'm a little vague about." She grinned. "Justin. Your name is Justin." I grinned happily, for indeed it was my name. I admired the long sweeping hostess gown she was wearing. Dark, silky, revealing just a hint of the lush curves underneath. She removed my hands from her ass and guided me firmly to a seat at the dining room table.

She fed me. I mean, FED me. None of this neuveau cuisine shit, either. Good, old fashioned, real food men eat. A steak done with garlic and cracked black pepper, smothered in mushrooms and onions. Baked potato with sour cream and chives. Broccoli. Corn. Rolls so soft and warm. A bottle of red wine that had breathed nicely and leaped joyfully onto my tastebuds. No matter what the way to a man's heart was, the lady had all avenues covered. I tried not to talk with my mouth full, but the need to talk was compulsive. The story of my life came flooding out between bites. I didn't push for her story, I knew it would come.

Rest and digesting was mandatory, so we sat together on the couch and stared at a movie. She had grown accepting of my constantly roaming hands, and smiled gently as I touched her...and touched her...and touched her. My cock started to make little reminder noises at me. I tossed off the quilt, stood, grasped her wrist and led her to the bedroom. I removed her gown and caught her wrist as her hand went automatically to turn off the light. I shook my head gently, with a smile, and laid her down on her stomach on the bed.

I climbed astride her lush hips and bent forward to move my face though her hair. I kissed her shoulders, down her spine, all over her back. Finally I slid back and tongued the depression at the base of her spine. Her breathing had quickened. I slid my tongue up and down the crack of her incredible, full ass and she groaned. She balled her fists in the sheet to hang on. I kneaded her ass cheeks with my hands, then separated them, revealing her sweet pink pucker. I bit and sucked at her cheeks until I had branded her. She moaned in ecstasy and anticipation. I pushed my face between her soft cheeks and thrust my tongue deep in her ass. Her legs spread and she thrust up at me in an orgy of pleasure. I ate her sweet hole until it was wet and ready. I rubbed the head of my cock against her hole, coating her with my precum. I worked a finger inside her carefully, and finger fucked her ass. When she took two fingers with sounds of delighted, wicked passion, I put the head of my cock against her hole and pushed. I watched my shaft bury itself in that soft, soft ass. My hips came up hard against her cheeks and I fucked slowly and deeply, feeling her body shake with each thrust. Her hole was a tight ring around my shaft as I plunged in and out of her heat. I put my mouth next to her ear and whispered "no more lady now. Nasty bitch. Nasty. Fuck me like a whore."

Oh, my, I had a second to think.

Kathy lurched to her hands and knees, slammed her ass back at me and screamed "make me your bitch!" at the top of her lungs. I gripped her full hips and FUCKED HER ASS HARD. Pounding into her, my hips hitting the soft cushion of her ass to bounce back to drive it home again. My rod felt HUGE as it took her. She lowered her head and grunted, her body quivering, huge tits bouncing. "C'mon, nasty bitch!" I ordered. "Play with that hard clit!" I felt her hand go back, and she rubbed her clit furiously. Her stunned, nearly hysterical sounds drove me crazy, and I pounded her ass as hard as I could. She came in a violent explosion, collapsing on her stomach, making guttural sounds. I held on for as long as I could before my own orgasm ripped through me and I flooded her ass with cum. It overflowed her, and I kept pumping the squishy hole until my body gave out and I collapsed on top of her. I still have my own apartment, and will until I can find a sublet. But I spend my time where I belong, with my large, lusty lady...every need, every desire, every hunger, completely and repeatedly sated.

(c) Morgan Grayson 1998 All Rights Reserved

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